You are our priority

We love what we do

Alchimedia LTD is a London based creative agency.

We work across different projects from creating successful brands, integrated campaigns, to interior web designs, we fulfill any necessities your business needs.

Our passion is building astonishing brands, art print, web builds and marketing in social media network so we cover every platform there is to communicate and promote your business.

We help small and big companies to grow and expand by sharing our creativity and passion.

This is how we do it. One step forward.

Because we've been there, because we know how it feels.

Our team in Alchimedia has been involved in the most eclectic situations and thanks to our expertise we are able to provide your necessities in the most customised way.


Marketing is a craft that tries to connect people with brands,  we tell your story, we introduce you to the world. We aim people's hearts, to create well-organized plans, which will give you the results you need.

Social Media. Design.

We know what you want

We are committed to building successful memorable brands and creating unique environments. We always look from different perspectives, so that our clients can stand out from the others.

Brand Identity.